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Property Facts

Building Size:

  • 4,800 SF

Parking Spaces:

  • 76

Traffic Counts:

  • Veterans Memorial Drive: 24,148 VPD
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Abbeville, LA

This property is a 4,800 square foot, free standing retail building located at 2411 Veterans Memorial Drive in Abbeville, LA. It sits on a .25 acre outparcel site with 76 parking spaces and is less than 1 mile from downtown Abbeville. The building is out front of a Stine Lumber and Appliances store and the surrounding trade area includes a Lowe’s, Rite Aid, Capital One Bank, and Abbeville General Hospital. A new Walmart Super Center has also been built half a mile Southeast of the subject; the traffic count on Veterans Memorial is 24,148 cars per day.

Abbeville is a large trade center for agricultural products, most notable of which are rice and seafood. In addition, the city provides services for the multiple oil and natural gas fields scattered throughout the Gulf of Mexico. Abbeville is also an important producer of sugarcane, cotton, and locally sold corn. Within the actual city limits are rice mills and a large open-kettle sugarcane syrup mill that process the crops and prepare them for distribution. These crops then go on to be bought and sold both locally and throughout the United States. Assisting in the transportation of these goods is the Southern Pacific Railroad line that runs through town, and the Freshwater Bayou Deep-water Canal that connects Abbeville to the Gulf of Mexico


Unit # Tenant Sq. Ft. Available
1 Vacant 4,800


2411 Veterans Mem.1 mile3 miles5 miles
Est. Population 648 11,605 20,440
Est. Households 267 4,456 7,684
Median Income $40,775 $36,772 $39,307
Daytime Population 168 3,942 7,035


Abbeville, LA Abbeville, LA Abbeville, LA Abbeville, LA


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